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I grew up in a middle class family and had a very normal upbringing. Like all of my friends, I was told by my family and teachers to go to college, get a good job with benefits, work 40 years and retire at 55. What they didn't tell me was that during the course of those 40 years, the government would raise the retirement age from 55 to 62 (It will be 70 or more for current millennials), and that I would likely retire with only about 60 percent of my income. And that there might be divorces, economic downturns, etc. that might impact your retirement or livelihood! I realized with all this economic uncertainty that you shouldn't really put all your eggs in one financial basket and that a smart person creates multiple streams of income to diversify their cash flow. Vemma is a great opportunity to build something part-time while you have a full-time job! People invest their time and money in college and graduate with no promise of a job. Imagine if you put the same effort, some time and a little money in an opportunity that after 3-5 years could set you up for life? Plus, you can develop a small business without all the risks that small businesses have and reap all the tax advantages that working people with one income can't. That's why I build Vemma. It's the perfect opportunity in this new global economy that we are all trying to survive in. Ask me for more information. It doesn't cost anything to get information. Read Success Profile

Good Health: It's a choice

Having good health, has more to do with deliberate habits than random luck. It's not that hard to maintain good habits, if you work smart and not hard. Here are some keys:

- Monitor your sugar intake. Start eliminating or reducing those items with high levels of sugar.
- Drink more water. Many times what you think of as hunger is really you needing water.
- Eat more fruits and vegetables. Experts say you need 7 to 9 servings per day.
- Cook more, and reduce your fast food intake. You'll lose pounds just doing this one step.
- Get moving. Although 80% of weight loss comes from diet, you can shave a few more pounds of by doing as little as walking 30 minutes a day.

Go the extra mile and purchase a little wellness insurance by taking a high quality, nutritional supplement.

Cheers to your good health!! I would love to hear your feedback. Drop me a note!


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Being Thankful For Good Health

I'm nearly 50 years old and can say that my health is in the top 1% for people in my age group.

It wasn't like that 4 years ago when I was battling a ***ential health issue when my doctor was on the verge of prescribing meds to me. Sitting here now, I can truly say that I am grateful that I made the decision to try this product because it has been THE game changer in my life!

Because of all the *****, powders and tonics being marketed out there, the great products get drowned out by all the noise of the marketplace's ads, commercials and internet banners peddling these products. You learn that there are some phenomenal products out there, but you do have to sift through the **** to find these gems that can aide your health in a big way!

So when you find one, hold on tight and make it your mission to share it with those who you love and care for because it could be that very thing that makes a huge difference in their life. It's a beautiful thing to be able to not only listen and comfort someone going through a health issue, but to offer them something that could help them overcome it or at the very least relieve them of some of the symptoms.

I am grateful this Thanksgiving holiday for my health because a person's health is their true wealth!

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Are You Getting Your RDA?

In terms of nutrition, RDA is the acronym for Recommended Daily Allowance. It was created by health professionals to establish a minimum requirement for the amount of vitamins and minerals that people would need to avoid acute vitamin deficiency.

The alarming thing about this is that it's a minimum number, and the majority of Americans don't even get close to that in many vitamin and mineral categories. I read an article the other day that 75% of Americans are deficient in Vitamin D alone!

Vitamins and minerals are the elements that regulate the systems in our ***y. They are the fuel that helps our ***ies to grow, protect itself, and ***air itself. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can affect sleep, weight ***n, cause unexplained pain, and low ******. Most importantly, vitamin deficiency weakens the *************, opening the door to serious health conditions like ********, ******, and heart disease.

Some people ask, "Why do I need to supplement my diet with a multivitamin?" A recent article I read stated that if a person ate one medium sized lemon or orange everyday, they would receive 100% of their RDA for Vitamin C. A medium stalk of Broccoli a day would give you 100% of your requirement for Vitamin A. Unless you are doing this each day as well as eating the other foods that would allow you to meet your daily requirements for all critical vitamins and minerals, that's why you need to supplement your diet with a multivitamin, so you can cover the gaps in your nutritional regiment.

The important thing to re****** is, if you're not meeting your RDA, you are deficient in some or most critical vitamins and minerals, and if you are deficient, the greater risk you take on in acquiring nagging and serious health challenges over time.

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If You're Serious About Obtaining Good Health...

A thought came to me today after watching last night's episode of the Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition and after viewing a friend's post on Facebook today and that is, "good health is a choice, it doesn't happen by chance."

Of course there are reasons beyond someone's control like genetics or birth defects that create challenges to achieve good health, but those conditions only impact a small number of people.

Choice is the TRUE determining factor for those who have great health, and those who don't. The way my friend did it was through a determined effort of replacing his diet with an organic-dense diet of fruits and vegetables, and no dairy or meat. I did it by using the products you see here on this website.

It doesn't really matter which road you choose to obtain good health as long as you achieve it. It's easier than you think. It's just a matter of making small adjustments over time in what you do. Eliminate, or cut your soda intake significantly. Start walking 30 minutes a day. If going on an all organic regiment is too much for you, then get on this supplement. Don't balk at the price. What you are paying for is the convenience of not having to buy the equipment and supplies or spend the time juicing on a regular basis. The product works. Don't get side-tracked thinking this is just another one of those fly by night juices. The clinical studies PROVE its effectiveness. Check them out for yourself on this site. If anybody shares something with you that DOESN'T have clinical studies you can refer to, then you are truly going on faith.

I'm a 49 year old African-American male who now goes to the doctor and gets funny looks because they can't find anything wrong with me, nor do they need to prescribe meds to me. How ridiculous is that?

If you are really serious about being around to see your kids and grandkids grow up and being there for them, the choice of achieving good health is a no-brainer and non-negotiable isn't it?

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Why NOT you?

What are the things that make us think we don't have what it takes to do great things and carve out a life that people would be envious of? One reason for this is most people don't have individuals in their lives who see the great potential in them and encourage them to be great.

If you don't have that kind of support, Vemma is the opportunity that will give it to you. With Vemma, you are surrounded by dreamers, doers and thinkers. People who see greatness within you, even when you don't see it in yourself. All you have to do is plug into the system.

If you want to be a part of something great, this company is the most cutting edge and fastest growing company in the industry. It corners the market on the term "cool" being that it's the only company in the industry where large numbers of the 18 to 30 year olds are getting involved and succeeding big. We're calling it a young people's revolution!

So take a look and find out about the phenomenal things happening in Vemma. Or you can continue to take your chances with the plan that society automatically gives you which is: Go to school, try to get a good job that gives you the lifestyle that you want, work 40 years, and hope to retire from your job with an income that will support your current lifestyle without you having to downsize, move to a cheaper neighborhood etc.

If you pay close attention, this is probably happening to many of your family and friends when they retire. The 4/40 Plan is no longer a viable plan in this country.

Hit me up if you would like more info! Let's lock arms and do something great together!


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An Argument For Supplementation

Why supplement? The USDA says that you need a certain amount of vitamins and minerals each day to maintain a healthy body. If you don’t believe this, then you can stop reading now. But if you do believe this, then the question you need to ask yourself is: Am I getting all the vitamins and minerals required in my diet on a daily basis? The answer, most likely, is no you’re not.

Let that sink in for a second. You can understand the gravity of that answer by understanding exactly what vitamins and minerals do for the human body. Whenever you read something on diet and nutrition as a solution for health conditions, what that really means is the change in your diet, will increase the amount and types of vitamins and minerals you will receive. In short, vitamins and minerals make our bodies work properly. These compounds help maintain your ##immune system##, helps your cells work and communicate properly, helps your body to grow, they help your organs function correctly and repair damaged cells and tissue. They help regulate sleep and other functions in your body, they help your body’s defenses, convert food into energy and much, much more. If you are having nagging health issues, more than likely there’s a deficiency that’s contributing to the problem.

So by considering all the wonderful things vitamins and minerals do for the human body, is it such a stretch that many of the health issues occurring in this country may be contributed to vitamin and mineral deficiencies? When you start doing the research, you will start to begin to see the correlation between the two.

Since none of us have a way of tracking the amount of vitamins and minerals we are getting in our diets, the best thing to do as an insurance policy is to supplement. Some experts say that the best vitamin out there is the one that you actually use. I disagree with this because there are a lot of inferior products out there that have great marketing campaigns behind them. If you are looking for an effective supplement, then you need to consider one with the following attributes:

- One with published Clinical Studies

- One where you can talk to someone who’s used it and can tell you what it did for them

- One that is in liquid form

Why liquid form? Because of basic physics. The body can absorb liquid quicker than pill supplements. There are studies out there which put the absorption rate for tablets somewhere between 15 to 30%. This means even if the label on the back of the bottle says it has 100% or a particular substance, you’ll get only 15% to 30% of that vitamin or mineral. Over 90% of liquids are absorbed into the body. Imagine how your body would respond if it could get what was on the back of the bottle instead of the 15 to 30% it gets by trying to absorb tablets?

If you’re looking for a superior supplement, this site is a great place to start your research. Look forward to hearing your feedback!

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Diary of a Vemma Brand Partner

“I just got your test results back. You have high cholesterol but it’s going down. Keep doing what you’re doing.” This was the email that was sent to me by my doctor after a recent physical. Naturally, I responded to her by saying that I was taking a great product that was helping me lower it.

I was pleased to view all the results of my blood work to see that everything was well within the norms for those kind of tests with the exception of my cholesterol which was also on its way to falling within normal levels as well.

Vemma is the change I have implemented that has made a huge difference. Of course, I have made other small adjustments in my diet and exercise routine, but Vemma has been the major needle mover regarding my recent health outcomes. Before Vemma, my exercise and diet did very little to move the needle.

Vemma does not cure diseases or other health conditions, but what it does is give your body the optimum nutrition it needs to allow your body to help heal itself. You owe it to yourself to try it and drink it for 90 days, then go to the doctor for a physical and blood work and compare the results to your last physical. You will love how you feel and may get pleasantly surprised with your results.

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So why is this happening to me?

How many people have asked that question when faced with a serious health issue? There are millions of Americans who are being diagnosed with some serious health problem every year in this country and many, unfortunately, chalk it up to some type of bad random genetic lottery instead of dietary choices they’ve made.

The USDA recommends that people eat 3 to 5 servings of fruits and vegetables everyday in order to give the body what it needs to function properly. Experts all agree that moderate exercise is critical to promote good health and help prevent obesity, osteoporosis, heart disease and ******. Sleep, unfortunately, is sometimes left out of the equation when it comes to the subject of health, however, getting a good nights sleep is critical in promoting good heart health, reducing stress, risks for ******** and overall, it’s the way your body repairs itself.

Now compare your activity and dietary habits against this summary. Does your activity come close or is it sorely lacking? Therein lies the answer to the question contained in the title of this blog. What many Americans are doing is eating very few fruits and vegetables during the course of a week, forget about everyday. People are loading up on fast food, processed frozen food, and beverages that are loaded up with large amounts of high fructose corn syrup. The high sugar content in many beverages cause many people to consume 3 to 4 times the recommended amount of sugar on a daily basis without knowing it. With this kind of behavior, it’s no wonder the U.S. is ranked toward the bottom in health outcomes among western nations.

Will a perfect, diet, exercise and sleep regiment keep you from getting a very serious health condition in your life? Of course not, however, Following a solid—not perfect—nutrition regiment along with getting a little exercise—like walking 30 minutes a day—and getting a good night sleep most nights of the week will reduce your chances greatly of getting that bad news from your doctor after a check up. Following a bad diet with little exercise and bad sleep habits will most likely guarantee that bad news from the doctor one day. This comes down to making a choice.

Supplementing with high quality supplements that support your body and protects it with antioxidants, minerals and essential vitamins gives you a great foundation to start building a new you and will fill in any nutritional gaps that your diet may have. Here’s to your good health!

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Business of the 21st Century

As we approach 2011, it would seem that weve avoided a second Great Depression for the time being, although the continuing recovery is slow and there is still a lot of uncertainty in the economy.

If you have not suffered a layoff, a demotion, a reduction in territory or any other reduction in wages, youre in the minority. If your household bottom line has not been impacted by the substantial increase in bank fees, interest rates, cost of living or your home has maintained much of its value, you are in select company.

If you are in the majority like the rest of us, these factors have impacted your budget in a small way or in some very big ways. You may be considering cutting back on your food bill, Cable TV, family trips or other entertainment. Maybe you are considering a second job or looking for another source of income. If you are looking at either one of these options, you should consider Network Marketing.

We have all been conditioned since childhood to go to school, get a good education, so we can get a good job. In short, weve been taught to trade our time for a paycheck. There isnt anything necessarily wrong with that other than more jobs are being shipped overseas than in anytime in modern history and many of those lost during the last 3 to 4 years wont be back. Not to mention that those good paying jobs one could get without a college degree are getting more scarce. So having a Plan * would be wise in these changing times. What if you were given these two choices? Earn 100 dollars on 100% of your effort, or a dollar apiece on the efforts of 100 people? How about getting paid for every time a person vacuumed vs. every time you sold a vacuum cleaner? Why not leverage your time by getting paid residual incomes similar to those professions in the music, TV or movie industries?

Network Marketing works very similar to this. At least in Vemma it does. Lets say that your company had job openings and they offered you a percentage for everyone they hired from your recommendation. This percentage would not come out of that persons paycheck, but from the company as an incentive to you and it would be paid as long as the person you recommended maintained his/her employment. The concept is that simple. If you care about people and want to help make a difference, this might be the opportunity for you.

Why Vemma? Vemma has taken all the best qualities and attributes of the Network Marketing model (free website, no annual subscription fees) and combined it with todays technology in social networking, internet marketing and webinar style training tools. It also has a world class, ultra-premium product line to support the health needs of people in todays toxic nutritional culture. People get life-changing, measurable results from using the products.

If you are reading this, an opportunity has been presented to you. It wont hurt and it costs nothing to check it out and get more info. Thomas Edison once said, Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. In other words, the opportunity that presents itself to you, might not look like what you thought it would look like. Take a good look at this opportunity. We have a saying in Vemma. The more you learn about us, the more youll like.

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Myron's Blog- The Noah's Ark Syndrome

One of the most well known stories of the Bible is about Noah and his assignment given by *** to build an ark to prepare for the great flood.

It took several years for Noah to build the ark and collect each pair of animals to store on the ark. Can you imagine the looks, comments and questions that Noah must have gotten during the building process? Can you imagine how those same people felt once the flood came?

In principle, this is the same situation we find ourselves in now, except this time, it's an economic flood instead of one created by water.

In this economy, playing it safe is the new risky. People who are hunkering down and depending on that one income source (JOB), hoping that their hours don't get cut, or heaven forbid, lose their job all together, are taking a big chance. The economy has shown little sign of improvement and many experts are saying it will take a minimum 10 years to recover with more cuts on the way.

What every one needs is a Plan * to help supplement lost income for those inevitable job cuts, or rises in taxes, fees, and prices. You can be like Noah and prepare for the upcoming storm, even though it looks clear and sunny in your financial life, or you can act as if your job will always be ******. The latter choice is truly a big risk. Theres a quote by Harvey Mackay that I love which says, Dig the well before you need the water. Better to work on that Plan * when you dont need it right away than to try to work on it when you desperately need it. Please feel free to leave a comment.

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Myron's Blog: Unplug and Reprogram

Boy, it sure is a lot going on. The economy is still struggling. If you are an employee like most people are, your company is probably grappling with budget cuts and layoffs. The 24 hour news cycle is filled with disasters, wars, crimes, scandals and other sad stories. Reality TV is filled with all kinds of character themes where people are disrespecting and being rude to one another. These shows include content of people cheating on each other, groups of people locked up in a room, a house or an island pitted against one another to see who can upstage the other group. Reporters from gossip magazines patrol the streets daily looking to find embarrassing stories about people so they can humiliate them on the front pages of their publications. And we all gossip about it, and regurgitate that info to one another.

Sounds pretty depressing doesnt it? Now feed your mind with this type of garbage over and over, day after day and see how you feel after a while.

Our brain is like a plot of fertile land. Whatever seeds we toss in it will germinate and grow. You can program it with information that will help you feel more hopeful, optimistic, encouraged and confident, or you can program it with information that will feed your fears, doubts, anxiety, worries, or suspicions causing a paralysis of inaction that may cause you to miss out on opportunities that come your way. Whichever you feed it more with will help determine your outlook and help mold your philosophy about life.

I put this to a test a couple of weeks ago when I found myself feeling more anxious and down than I normally do. Im usually a very upbeat person, but I felt like I was having this continuous case of the blahs and I realized something. I had become a political news hound. I watched every political news show, I Tivod them, I had them on when I cleaned or cooked and then I watched the reruns sometime. I read everything political all the time and even posted regularly on different blog sites (Garbage in, garbage out). I stayed up to date on what was happening with the economy. I watched the pundits yell and scream at each other and all that negative information going in my head, started to change my mood and affect my outlook on the world, and believe it or not, my outlook for me and my future (As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he). When I realized this, I unplugged myself from that feeding tube real quick.

Needless to say, when I stopped the flow of all that bad input entering my mind and I started reading and watching programming that was more uplifting and encouraging, my whole mindset changed. Darren Hardy, Publisher of Success Magazine, says that there are two critical things that one must do to change their mindset from a Failure mindset to a Success mindset. First of all, one must protect their mind from all those influences that affect you in a negative way, and second, feed it with information that will edify your mind. For those of you who are spiritually minded, Philippians 4:8 says, Finally brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. Now thats wisdom!

So the next time youre feeling a little off-center or anxious about your life, or circumstances, take a look at what kind of brain food you are feeding your mind. The last thing you want to do is fuel those thoughts, which are already tough to overcome, with more negative input. Feel free to post your comments.

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My Mother's Legacy to Me

Reflecting upon the recent passing of my mom, a few thoughts came to mind about the experience during the last few weeks and months. I knew one thing after I watched her suffer the last few days, and that was, Lord willing, I am not going to go out like that. The greatest power that people have, is the power to choose. In the advent of the internet, there is so much information out there. There's enough to arm anyone with enough information to make good solid choices concerning diet and nutrition and to know how they relate to serious health illnesses. So during the past year, I began a quest to find out everything I could about serious health conditions, their causes, and what things one could do to prevent them.

Unfortunately I have bad news, but I also have good news. The bad news is our food industry is poisoning all of us. Yes, poisoning us. Americans are consuming a large number of processed foods that are high in sodium, high fructose corn syrup, and other ingredients that are not body friendly. Americans diet heavily on fast food that has little nutritional value and is high in fats. Sodas and other beverages, containing high fructose corn syrup, are being consumed in such high levels that it is practically guaranteeing obesity. This country's citizens are totally ignoring the FDA Food Pyramid (check it and see how your daily diet compares). And let's not forget those pharmaceutical companies that are drugging Americans at an alarming rate with medicines that can, in some ways, make us sicker and/or dependent on them. On the flip side, Americans are doing very little in terms of good nutritional habits, supplementation and exercise to help the body fight the onslaught of all this poison entering the body on a daily basis. In fact, the corporate kings of our food industry have gamed the system so well that the food that's bad for us, costs a lot less than the food that will keep us healthy and out of the hospital, putting pressure on those households with tight budgets. It's no wonder why America ranks 29th in life longevity among the western nations (NY Times, Jan. 17, 2010).

Will eating a cheeseburger and fries with a large coke or that frozen dinner give you a serious health condition today? Of course not, but a steady diet of these foods over a period of years will. Think of the analogy of the frog in the pot of water. If you heat up the water and then put the frog in, the frog is going to jump out. But if you put the frog in the water, while its cool and heat it slowly, the frog is not going to know it's being cooked until it's too late. And that is what's happening to many people in this country everyday. The food industry has all of us in this big pot of water that is heating ever so slightly. And then one day we go to the doctor's office, get bad news, and wonder why this is happening to us.

So what's the good news you ask? Well for starters, the immune system is the body armor in humans that protects us from all sorts of calamitous illnesses. When the immune system is at full strength, it's difficult for disease to get in. The weaker it is, the more one is at risk to catch a serious disease. Three things you can do to fortify your body armor are: 1) Take a brisk walk for 30 minutes each day. 2) Make small to moderate adjustments in your diet, depending on your current eating habits to substitute certain healthy foods for unhealthy foods in your diet. For example, substituting almonds, or other nuts for potato chips. 3) Commit to take a high quality multi-vitamin and mineral supplement. Not all supplements are created equal. Going to Walmart to buy a thousand vitamins for $9.99 won't cut it.

Some people may ask, why take a supplement? The reason for that is a high quality multi-vitamin will ensure that you get the required daily allotment of vitamins and minerals in your diet. With the level of processed foods and fast foods that are consumed regularly, it would be an unrealistic expectation for the majority of Americans to radically change their diets overnight. Even those who eat good portions of fruits and vegetables regularly, have no guarantee on how much vitamins and minerals they are getting because of nutrient depletion in the soil and whether that amount is actually meeting the daily requirement. A high quality vitamin supplement will fill any nutritional gaps in one's diet.

The funny thing about this is that these 3 things are very simple to do and will reduce the risk of serious health conditions in those who are consistent by 50 to 75 percent as some experts say. But you know what? It's just as simple and easy NOT to do one, or any of these 3 steps. The fact you can count on is that no one can expect to live their latter lives in good health if they've bombarded their bodies for decades with foods and beverages that have slowly destroyed their immune system.

You've been given the information. The great equalizer in this is that one has to make a choice. In the Bible, Romans 8:28 says, And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. The good that I have taken from my mother's passing is that I have gained knowledge that will most likely help me extend my life, so that I'm not gone before my time. Lord willing'

If you would like to find out what your REAL physical age is, go to You may be surprised at what you discover. Feel free to leave your comments below.

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Myron's Blog

Are you out there hustling and trying to make it happen in these tough economic times? It doesn't matter what it is that you are trying to achieve, or what vehicle you are using to help you reach that goal. For myself, it is exciting to be on that road with you.

Many times on that road, there is sometimes a tendency to start allowing doubt to creep in about your decision to do something worthwhile or great. Don't be alarmed for this is normal. Some call this, the emotional rollercoaster. You need to remind yourself constantly of the reason why you decided to take a shot at that wonderful goal. It may be because it is what you were made to do, or maybe it's something that you're passionate about. Hopefully, it's something that will not only benefit you, but everyone around you. Either way, you won't be fulfilled if you fail to use the talent that God blessed you with.

Be careful about the things you entertain mentally. Remember, our minds are bombarded with more doom and gloom messages than uplifting and encouraging messages on a daily basis. These messages, whether they come from the news, our co-workers, or our family and friends can fuel our doubts, fears, and our overall outlook on life. By following your dreams, you are separating yourself from the herd and sometimes that's a lonely place to be in, but it also means you're doing something different from the herd, therefore chances are, your RESULTS will be different from others in that 40 year rut if you don't quit (That's a tip by the way).

There was a study done a while back tracking 100 college graduates from the time they completed college to the age of 65 and the findings were very interesting:

· 36% were dead
· 54% were broke and/or still working at 65
· 5% retired comfortably
· 5% were wealthy

Broke in this example is where people in this category had to 1) cut back from the lifestyle they had when they were working, 2) get a part-time job after retiring, 3) Sell the house and buy a less expensive home in a less expensive neighborhood, 4) go backwards because their retirement plan fell short, or had past or current medical issues that ate up their savings etc. In short, these people had invested 40 years of their life in their jobs and retired, with what? Current statistics are still pretty close to these numbers and you know what? Call me crazy, but with those odds, I think we've all been bamboozled, especially when this economy has shown us how fragile having a job is! If you think this sounds amazing just take a look at the people around you. How many are still working after retirement because they HAVE to? How many are selling their houses and moving away because it's too expensive, especially here in California? How many people do you know who DIDN'T make it to 65? And finally, compared to those I just named, how many people do you know in those two 5% categories? I would bet the majority of folks you know are in that 90%, a.k.a. the Herd.

So next time you're feeling a little down, and things don't seem like they're moving fast enough, or if you're getting little support from those closest to you, or if some hater is criticizing you, just remember, in this mathematical equation, 10 is better than 90. Please feel free to comment.

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Myron's Blog

Would you rather drive a Mercedes, or a Yugo? Would you rather eat at Wolfgang Puck's or the greasy spoon of your neighborhood that has only a couple of tables? Would you rather fly a well known major carrier or the budget on a dollar, airways, at your local airport where you are packed in the seats like sardines with the other passengers? This may seem kind of silly, but if asked this question, ten out of ten people would always prefer a high quality product or service over a lesser choice.

So then why do people take shortcuts on their health? Why do they buy dog food for their pets that cost a grip, but penny pinch when it comes to them and their family's health? Statistics bare out that the vast majority of Americans are not getting all the vitamins and minerals required in their diets. In their wildest dreams some people wouldn't dare give their pets food they felt was inferior, but many people make that decision with the supplements they take on a daily basis. The old saying goes, if you buy cheap, you buy twice.

Think about this'if the scientific and medical communities (experts) all agree that there is a daily recommended amount of vitamins and minerals needed to sustain good health and wellness, and the majority of Americans are not getting all of it in the foods they eat; especially fast foods, what potential long-term effects could develop because of this dilemma? Could this be playing a part in the child obesity epidemic? Could it be playing a role in the increased rate of heart disease, cancers, and other serious health issues that seem to be affecting younger people these days?

More and more, strong cases are being made that vitamin deficiency over a period of time, may be the root cause of many, major health issues for the young, as well as, older Americans. A good vitamin supplement is wellness insurance. A solid multi-vitamin can make up any lack you may have in your diet, especially if it's in liquid form. Can you afford not to be insured?

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Myron's Blog

It's the second week of the new year. How are your goals coming along? If you are starting to waver or doubt yourself already, just remember that change does not come easy. The difference between people who succeed in what they set out to do and those who don't, is not that those who do, are better than you, have more talent than you, are smarter or anything like that. The main reason is that they don't quit. There're things you can do to sharpen your skills and increase your knowledge. If you have a God-given talent that you know deep down inside is there, then all the more important that you see that talent though. If your goal is a health goal, the only thing standing between you and that goal are the bad habits that you have carried with you all these years.

Successful people go through the same doubts and fears battle the same procrastination and excuses. Speaking for myself, I am dealing with all of those issues, except I have made a decision not to quit. I have made the decision to fight against the bad habits that I have created with better habits to counter them. Will I fall short sometime? Yes. Will you? Yes. Just don't quit.

Feel free to leave a comment.

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Myron's Blog

Pill Vitamins vs. Liquid Vitamins

Everywhere you look, the issue of health, nutrition and fitness is plastered across our TV screens, magazines and favorite internet sites. More and more articles are appearing on the internet daily about the importance of supplementing Vitamin D and B12 and how these vitamins are linked to the prevention of certain cancers and other serious health issues.

The one thing missing from this discussion is what's the best delivery system to use? One thing that any nutritionist will agree on is that it's not what's on the back of the bottle that's important, but how much of the supplement your body can absorb. It is an industry fact that the human body only absorbs about 20 to 30% of vitamins in pill form. The absorption rate for liquid vitamins is over 90%. The older one gets, the less their body can absorb of a pill vitamin. So what do you think is important? Does it matter if the back of a bottle of vitamins you take has 1000 IUs of a given ingredient if your body can only absorb 20% of it? Companies talk a great game when advertising and marketing their products, but does great marketing really make a difference in improving your health? Don't get me wrong, companies are not lying when they tell you how much is on the back of the bottle of their product, but the dirty little secret is your body is not going to get the full benefit of it because of the delivery system being used.

So then if liquid form is better than pills, you ask, why don't more companies manufacture liquid vitamins? The reason why they don't is due to the fact they would have to invest millions of dollars to retool their manufacturing processes to convert from pills to liquids. As long as the masses continue to believe they are getting everything that's listed on the back of the bottle, companies will not affect their bottom line by changing their delivery systems.

Habits are hard to change. Sometimes changing from what we've been used to for most of our life is difficult, or we think changing really won't make a difference. There's an old saying that goes if you buy cheap, you buy twice. Did you know that the technology used to create pill vitamins is still based on 1950's and 60's processes? Ask yourself this question: If you are taking something that is not giving you the full benefit of what's on the back of the bottle, and you can change to something that can give you over 90%, what would you do? Please feel free to leave a comment.

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Myron's Blog

Moving Forward in 2010

It's been ten years since the year 2000. Wow, how time flies! Back then people were just worried and hoping that the world wasn't going to fall into darkness (remember Y2K?). As you look back on those ten years, here's a question to ask yourself: In 2000 looking forward, what did you envision your life being ten years from then, considering spiritual goals, relationship goals, family goals, personal goals and career goals? If you seriously reflect on those items and you do not like what you see, what are you going to do to change it? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. One thing you can be assured of'if you do the same thing for the next ten years that you have done the past ten years, you will be in the same place or worse in 2020. Just look at the last ten to see if this is true.

Recently, I had a conversation with someone who will be graduating from college next year. She is a good example of this principle. It was ten years ago when she decided to go back to college because she saw that she needed more options. What if she decided back then that school was going to be too hard? What if she quit while on the journey because it was just too difficult to hold a full-time job and go to school at the same time? This country is going through difficult times right now, but she has another bullet (option) in the chamber because she made a decision and committed to it ten years ago.

What's the next step now moving forward to 2010? Set goals and make resolutions that are realistic first off, and commit to them. According to Plato, The first and best victory is to conquer self. In other words, the enemy is within. We have no one to blame for not achieving those resolutions but ourselves, because we give up and quit after two weeks or allow the distractions of life to get us off course. One way to help us stay on course is having a support system to plug into. If you're looking to lose weight, find a friend who has the same goal and commit to one another and hold each other accountable. If making business and financial goals, read up on what successful people in those areas are doing. How they overcame their challenges; what their fears were etc., so you will see that the same things happen to the best and brightest like they happen to you. The only thing is, they don't quit.

If we recognize those situations when doubt and procrastination try to creep in to knock us off track and then make the choice right then to push forward, we will find ourselves achieving more during the upcoming year. I welcome all comments. Happy Holidays!


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Healthcare, Up Close and Personal

These past few months have been challenging regarding my family's experience in the healthcare arena. My mom was diagnosed with a serious health condition several months ago. This has been a real eye-opening experience getting my first real glance at what health insurance is and what it isn't. I've come to realize that the best weapon against serious health issues is prevention. It may not work in all cases, but it can reduce the potential number of situations that people could face as they get older.

My mom's situation has heightened my awareness regarding my own health in a way it's never been heightened before and I'm thankful to the Lord for that. There are so many preventive things we can do to reduce the chances of getting that sobering phone call, or results from the doctor's office after getting that check up. What kind of exercise are you doing? You don't have to be a gym rat, but how bout a 30-minute walk around your neighborhood each day? What are you supplementing with? You don't have to take what I do, although after all the hours of research I've done, and results I've seen for myself, my mom and other friends and family, I believe we're all benefiting from the Rolls Royce of nutritional programs. But if you're not supplementing or exercising, what is YOUR preventive plan? One would probably drop dead from exhaustion trying to find a doctor who doesn't recommend an exercise or supplementation regiment of some kind. As I get older, I want to live those later years with the least amount of health challenges possible. Don't you?

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Myron's Take...

My take in watching part of the Senate Finance Committee's debate on healthcare today was that if you believe these dudes will put together a good healthcare proposal that will have the best interests of the people in mind, I have some Oakland Raider 2010 Super Bowl tickets that I would be willing to sell you.

In short, our health and wellness is no one's responsibility but our own. If any of you saw MSNBC's Morning Joe this morning, you would have witnessed the sad commentary or our current healthcare system shown in the clips the day before from a well renowned doctor's free health clinic that he put on in Houston. Naturally, we need regular care and doctor's visits, however, those preventive measures such as diet, exercise and supplementation are completely under our control.

If you are one of the fortunate ones who have access to farmer's markets and grocery stores that sell fresh produce and other healthy alternatives, by all means take advantage of those options. Exercise regularly. One of the key factors why people in many European countries are healthier than people in this country is because they walk a lot more than we do.

When choosing vitamin supplements, do your research. There are companies out there with fabulous marketing teams who can hype their product through the roof, when in reality, the product they're selling is more sizzle than fire. If a company says their product has been clinically tested, try to get a hold of the results of the test. If it claims to be potent in a particular ingredient, find out what that is and compare it to other products on the market. Is there a money back guarantee that you can take advantage of without jumping through a bunch of hoops? In short, there are so many products out there the only way to get the best value for your money is doing the research. Not all supplements are created equal.

There's a wellness revolution taking place in this country, however, it's more profound in some regions than in others. Don't let the time pass you by to do something preventive. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure in the long run.

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Being Relationship Centered

This business like anything else, is about being relationship-centered. The state of this country right now is more self-centered. The banks are pillaging the nation's resources, The insurance companies are doing whatever it takes to block real, meaningful health reform. The chasm between the haves and the have nots gets wider and wider.

The leaders of these industries could be categorized as successful people in their field, however, true, meaningful success is achieved when one has helped many others to achieve that same success. This is the type of success that is more rewarding, brings one great pride and true happiness and can only be realized through building strong relationships.

I love this calling that's been given to me to have the ability to help others live healthier and to present an opportunity that could change their lives. This country's core mission is supposed to be about people helping others to live the American dream. This is the essence of being relationship-centered

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Would you turn down a natural way to get more healthy if it was backed up by science?

If you were introduced to a phenomenal natural health product created by a doctor that could potentially make a huge difference in your health, would you try to find out more? Of course there are a lot of companies that claim to have the next magic bullet to make one healthier, but what if you could review results from a half million dollar clinical test for a product which proved what it could do? Would you be intrigued without any high pressure sales to find out more? What if there was a 100% money back guarantee?

If you could have it your way, what would be your idea of the perfect energy drink? Most people I talk to tell me that the perfect energy drink would be one where they could drink it and get all the energy of the Red Bulls and Monsters, but without the high sugar, synthetic ingredients, huge crash, and one that wouldn't be harmful to the body. Imagine being able to drink something that would help you to stay up late at night when you have to study for a test, give you extra energy while working a late shift, give you the energy boost you need during a workout, or to help you stay up late while you're out playing hard? What if I told there's an energy drink out there that has the attributes of that perfect energy drink, except that IT WAS GOOD FOR YOU TOO? Think about this for a minute. Smooth energy on the go whenever you need it AND it improves your health. Next time you see a Red Bull or Monster commercial, remember that there's something else out there that gives you everything that those commercials promote except it tastes great and is good for you!

Child obesity and malnutrition is a growing problem in this country. Just turn on the news, or look at a newspaper or magazine to read about this growing concern. Much of children's diets consist of fast food, junk food and foods that are low in nutrients and vitamins. For some children it takes an act of congress to get them to eat their vegetables and other foods that are good for them. What if there was a way to address this issue with a one of a kind natural product that's one of the finest ever made and formulated by doctors and other healthcare experts? It has no preservatives, artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. Would you be the least interested in finding out more about these products?

What if this health discovery was written about in mainstream magazines, medical journals and publications, rated superior against other well known health products, and given awards for its quality and effectiveness? What if sports franchises and athletes across all sports endorsed it? Would you do the due diligence to check it out? We'll see if you do.

If your answer is yes, click on the links above to get more information. Feel free to compare the vitamins and supplements that you are currently using with the products on this website. After reviewing the information, I would be interested in hearing any comments you have.

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Liquid vs. Pill Vitamins by Chantal Papusek

This article is intended to inform you of the benefits of liquid supplements vs. pill form supplements and how our bodies digest them differently.

The digestive process starts in our mouth. As soon as we place anything in our mouth, the enzymes in the saliva start to break them down and are absorbed into the body. As food or supplements pass through our mouth and into our stomach the hydrochloric acid works for the purpose of digestion. The stomach also contains pepsin and other digestive enzymes to help with the process of digestion.

When we swallow a pill, the enzymes in our stomach have to start to break down the coating on the pill. (Unless the pill has an enteric coating which is undissolvable by the stomach. These are intended for use in the intestine only and have been known to get lodged in the stomach cavity or intestinal pockets.) The pH of our stomachs hydrochloric acid ranges between 1 -2. This is 1 million times more acidic than pure water (pH of 7). After being in the stomach for an average of 4 hours, the partially dissolved pill then passes through to the small intestine.

Here is where the majority of nutrient absorption takes place. The intestines have to finish breaking down the pill so the nutrients can be absorbed through the wall of the small intestine. As the villa (small finger like projections) pass the pill through, parts of it dissolve and are absorbed by the villi to be taken to the blood stream through the vas venous and capillary network in our small intestines. The pill is continued through to the rectum where waste products are excreted. Some pills are not fully capable of breaking down and are excreted when we use the bathroom. Excess vitamin B turns our urine very yellow and unless you dissect your other waste excrement's, you would most likely find the remainders of the vitamin you took in it. Many studies done have proven that pill vitamins dissolve at the most 80 - 85%. Some as low as only 4% dissolved and utilized by our bodies.

Now, could you take extra pill vitamins to cover the undissolved quota you are not able to digest and absorb? Probably would not be a good idea. Since some vitamins (Vit A - Palimate form) are fat soluble and can build up in the body after time and too much iron can cause kidney troubles, it would not be advisable to take more than the manufactures suggested dose. Water-soluble vitamins like Vitamin C do not build up in the body and the excess is pushed out through our urinary tract system. However, even though Vitamin C is harmless, too much can cause kidney damage too, especially if it is in synthetic form.

That brings me to another absorption problem. Synthetic vitamins. They are man made and not natural. It is true that we can mimic them molecule per molecule, but still nothing can get the exact genetic makeup down to the RNA and DNA strand code that God created...Vitamin pills use powdered ingredients that may be up to a year old before being made into a pill. They contain fillers, binders, and added food colorings, not exactly fresh...

Since our supplements are liquid, the absorption rate is as high as 98%. At this rate, our bodies are getting the full supplementation they need as soon as it hits our mouth. By this I mean, that the capillaries in our mouth absorb some of the nutrients. Our stomachs do not have to break down any pills. Instead only convert some of the nutrients into simple sugars and carbohydrates so that when it reaches the small intestine, the nutrients are ready for absorption. Instead of the intestines working to dissolve a pill, they are working to make our body healthier...

Remember, cheaper is not always better when it comes to supplements. You do get what you pay for!

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